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Research activities at Kumon Lab.

Research projects

Robot audition

Robots using microphones to perceive and understand their surrounding environment have been actively studied in the field of "Robot Audition." We tackled this technology with a robot of 2 microphones as human and animals have two ears, and our project aims to realize autonomous robot motion under auditory sensory information.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Unmanned Ground Vehicle

This project is for Autonomous control system for UAV and UGV. Autonomous flight system for a Kiteplane that has a delta shape kite-like main wing (cooperated with Skyremote Inc.), and multi rotor helicopters have been developed. UGV in outdoor environment is also studied for field robotics applications.

Robot control

Based on control theory for robot systems, this project aims to reveal a novel techniques for robot mechanical systems such as robot manipulators. Motion timing control for path following tasks has been proposed.


A list of research articles, proceedings and related documents.