Activities related to research

Activities related to research projects including On-the-Job-Training for education, and Open Lab. are shown.

Undergraduate newcommer On-the-Job-Training

On-the-Job-Training project of mechatronics for newcomers of undergraduates. System integration and development with final presentation is assigned.

Example of OJT activities

  • 2011: Ball tracking by a Radio-Control cart with Kinect(2011/4)
  • 2012: Image signal processing by ROS + OpenCV (completed at 2012/6/14)
  • 2013: Radio-Control cart with a microphone array and, ROS + HARK + STBeeMini system developed for sound source tracking (completed at 2013/5/1)
  • 2014: Husky A200 (mobile platform) with Kinect and a microphone array with a support of ROS and HARK to follow a sound source with obstacle avoidance (completed at 2014/5/1)

Photo of the demonstration of a mobile Radio-Control cart with a microphone array to localize a sound source: Battery holder and the attachment part of the array were developed by 3D printer (they are too small to find in the photo). Program of a microcontroller was also developed to control servo motors in one month, and the cart could run autonomously.

Internal Seminar

Group reading of textbooks, and small seminars related to research projects are organized in order to share know ledges and develop skills such as programming language, use of software tools.

Example of internal seminars
  • 2012/04/26: Introduction to ROS (Kumon)
  • 2012/05/10: How to use SVN (Akasaka)
  • 2012/06/07: Using MATLAB (Kimoto)