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Kumon Lab. is mainly working on robots and autonomous mobile systems at
Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology (was Graduate School of Science and Technology), Kumamoto University. Recent research topics include auditory robot systems and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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For future students who want to join us:  contact Makoto Kumon (, A. Prof. of the lab, to get more detailed information if you have any questions.

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Sun, 12/10/2017 - 12:31
投稿者: kumon
2017/12/7 に東京工業大学・早稲田大学との共同研究である内閣府ImPACT・タフ・ロボティクス・チャレンジでの成果についてプレスリリースされました。新聞等で取り上げて頂きました。

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