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Robot control

Contour Following

Welding, drawing a figure and carrying an object: those are
common application of robots in industrial use.
In order to success those tasks, it is important to
control position of an end effector, or configuration of a robot to
follow a desired path.
When a robot hand is, for instance, drawing a circle on a board,
what is important is drawing the circle precisely, not carrying
out the task punctually.
Taking this into account, the desired trajectory is defined as a function
of a parameter that has a dynamics, instead of a function of
time. The method is named as "dynamic parametrization".
By using this dynamic desired trajectory, the control method which makes the manipulator follow the desired path has been proposed.

Following applications of the method have been studied:

  • manipulator
  • Two-armed manipulator systems
  • Adaptive approach with parametric uncertainty in the dynamics
  • Biped robot control taking torque imitation into account
  • Manipulators with repetitive impulsive forces
  • Redundant manipulators